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Zoning Application to Yonge & Elgin MIlls, for a Drug Store and Clinic
Please review the following, a meeting to be held on Wednesday June 25th, 2008, about changes to our area at Yonge & Elgin Mills Road West

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 Comment# 1 posted by Jack N Daiter at 2008/06/23 02:06 PM
Zoning Application to Yonge & Elgin MIlls, for a Drug Store and Clinic
I cannot attend this meeting unfortunately due to a prior commitment. My concerns are as follows: 1. environmental sensitivity - rerouting part of the pond would presumably need to be studied due to ecosystem disruption etc... Is any of this being done? 2. Question the need for yet another Shoppers. There is one just down the street with a medical clinic attached and one further east along Elgin Mills. How many big box drugstores do we need within a 1 mile radius? 3. Impact on property values in the development. The desire to "pave paradise and put up a parking lot" also may have a significant impact on property values in the development which will only manifest once the facility is built and properties are thereafter put up for sale. 4. Traffic flow - how will this new commercial / retail development affect traffic flow and noise in the Elgin Pond community? Is there any intention to open up the roadway at the Southeast end of the development through to Yonge Street? Will there be a potential problem with cars parking on this walkway even if not opened up to Yonge Street? What is the proposed configuration of the new development? These are just some of my knee-jerk thoughts / questions that should be discussed at this meeting. Thank you.